vineri, 13 mai 2016

Far away love...

   And do you know what hurts me more than your silence?
   More than these concrete walls with locked doors you`ve been building between us?
   It hurts me the fact you`re not even thinking how much it affects me. That now you`re not thinking at me at all. How much do I suffer when I should be the first person you can confess to but you`re not even replying to my texts. That I feel you don`t trust me and I`m useless in your life and that this week without me was better for you.
   It hurts me because I thought I know you and I can find a key to any of your issues or any problem we would occur. I`m trying my best to understand you, to give you time to put yourself together. I`m waiting for you not to come with a plan, just to come. To come back to me as we used to be before when we were talking daily 2-3 hours we were loosing track of time and we were so connected in everything.
   What encourages me  is your patience and determination you had when you met me. I was so broken, with my heart in hundreds pieces and my trust smashed. But you risked it and you saw inside the ice cube that I was in, you could read deep inside my soul despite of my way of behaving with you.
   This was the first thing that made me madly fall in love with you. All your attention, your romantic side that makes poetries and play guitar in an amazing way. You are so real with real passions in this superficial world. Your passion, the way you look  me in the eyes and how you teached me to hug.The uncontrolled laughing I can have with you. The way I can behave childlike and carefree when I`m with you. The two dimples on your cheeks when you smile. All your faces changes when you smile. It warms me inside seeing you smiling. It also breaks my heart knowing that you probably aren`t doing that now.
   Oh God! There are so many things I love at you. You are so gentleman, so gentile,so protective and so caring. You want to protect the people you love, the nature, you love animals, want to help anybody you can and make the world a better place. I`m so fascinated with all of these.
   I love you being so mature and thinking twice before saying anything just to make sure you don`t say something unnapropriate. I appreciate your good sense of humour, creativity and spontaneity that makes you such an interesting person.
   I adore it when you call me "mi mujer" and I feel I belong to you and nothing can happen to me because I`m safe and protected.When you were tipsy and we came back from dancing and you whispeared in my ear "you`re the one". Maybe you don`t remember but my inner goddess was aplauding with happiness.
   You asked me before our first date if I ever wrote about love. No, I haven`t because I never felt it this intense. Now I am writing about you mi amor...
   My biggest wish right now is to be loved. I need so much affection to dry all my tears and to calm my heart that is so needy.
   Please open yourself to me! Let me be near you from 10.000 miles away. The way we`ve done it before. We can pass through this together. Don`t push me away. Open your heart to receive my love.

"Estare contigo a pesar de todo. Te lo prometo."


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