Friday, 29 June 2018

What I`ve learned about people

Is no secret that one of my main passions is for different cultures and languages. Specially living in London you get to meet  people from literally every corner of the world and learn about their traditions and customs. When traveling to other countries I prefer to stay in non-touristic places and talk to as many locals I can, try all their food (I love food) and buy at least one traditional/handicraft item. Earrings and magnets are my top favorite souvenirs.
But what makes every country and place special besides the beautiful landscapes and architecture, are people. And sometimes the people you meet can represent a whole nation. There are times when I just love to be around people and talk and find out things but there are also times when they disappoint deeply.
What have I learned?
I`ve learned that people don`t mean all the things they say. Actually they don`t mean not even half. Coming from a culture being very straight forward and also being brought up as an honest person I like to say what I think and I will never say something if I don`t mean it. And this gave me a difficult time in dealing with letting go of expectations that people would do the same in return. In learning that not all the compliments are sincere, that not every invitation means they would turn up, not all "I will be there for you" is genuine. That not all "forever" actually lasts forever. That people come and go from your life and you have to get used to it and accept they are all a lesson or a blessing and they`ve spent the exact amount of time they were meant to for both encounters to gain from that experience.That you can spend years with some people in a beautiful friendship or relationship and one day they will leave your life without looking back. That you have to take just the nice memories and the lessons and not live in the past because there is so much more to see.
I have learned that people will hurt you and you need to forgive them and wish them well so you can heal and move on. And this doesn`t mean you need to accept them back in your life.
People can be rude, selfish and mean and sometimes it has nothing to do with you and don`t need to take it personal. They can be suffering inside and being hurt and project it into you. But being kind and offer love back will melt even the most "iced" soul.
I have learned that people can be so jealous on other`s success and try to bring you down.
But in all of this I have learned that I need to love and accept people the way they are. And that among these people you will find so many happy souls willing to help you and seeing you grow. That sometimes they will surprise you with how deep they actually are and you misjudged them because of your trust issues. That you need to love and give without expecting anything from that person because is a cycle and it all comes around. You will teach someone, that someone teaches someone else and a completely someone else will love, teach and help you. That some people will stay there no matter how much you push them away, hurt them and treat them bad and this ones are the type #faithinhumanityrestored.
You will find people who value your heart and the right ones will stay in your life. You just need to stay calm, take all the things how they come and trust all has a higher purpose. Including the people we meet in our life.


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